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December 21, 2012
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I promise..

I sighed,getting all of my things for school. Truth is,i hated school,not because of the teachers or anything. It was the constant bullying that i had to deal with everyday day,I'm not weak or anything really,i just didn't want to get in trouble. I try my hardest too keep my reputation clean and secure. After packing up my things,i bid my mother farewell and went to the bus stop. As i walked to the street,i saw a red-headed man smoking and wearing the school uniform of my school. I can tell that this particular man is the popular student of my school and how many girls would swoon over him every time he passes by,except for me. And who is this person that you may ask? this
person is none other than Allistor Kirkland.

To me,i find him very rebellious and horrible. He would drink a lot and flirt to every girl that he see that would get his eyes on and that
disgust me. Moving my phase a little bit faster so that he won't notice me and hurts me.
He noticed me and starts to walk across me,i pretend not to too notice him or hear him but he got next to me then.

Unlucky for me..

"Halò lass" He gives me a short smile and puffs his cigar.

"H-hey.." I try to blow the smoke that hit's my face which he didn't quiet notice.

"I'm Allistor Kirkland,what is your name lass?" He turns to me and i look down shyly

"_-_____ ______.." cursing to myself for stuttering and mentally face palming myself

"That's a very fine name" He gives a smile,i blush a little and give him a thanks.

The walk to the bus stop was pretty nice. Me and Allistor talked about ourselves and how our lives are,though i never told him about the bullying. We waited for the bus while we chatted,i just found out that he has brothers and he's the eldest out of them. When
the bus came and opened,we we're greeted by the driver and the noise from all the students around. I could hear whispers from the
Girls and their high-pitched giggles,but eventually giving me a death glare. I got used to it though,I took my sit in the second row and took
out my Ipad/phone/mp3 and connected it with my headsets/head phones(dafuq is wrong with me? XD) and just listen to my favorite song
while looking out the window to see clouded skies and a hiding sun behind them.

I would usually be alone in the bus and no one would be sitting next to me,but then i felt an extra weight next to me and looked away from
the window to see none other than Allistor,can't this guy just leave me alone? i mean he has lot's of friends and their are lot's more better
girls for him,which now hate me even more and yet he chooses to sit next to me? probably to humiliate me..

"Oi,____.." I suddenly came back to reality and a light blush forming on my cheeks.

"Are ye okay lass? ye been staring of into space" He gives concern look,which made you quiet blush. No one has ever ask me if i was okay.

"Huh?,oh I'm fine" i give him a reassuring smile,though i know deep down. That smile was fake.

"Well,if ye are sure.."

"I promise,I'm fine" I give him one last 'Fake' smile and turn back to the window. The ride to school was pretty quiet and awkward for me,but since i got my headphones on,it won't be so awkward for me then.

__---___----Time skip,After first,second and third period----__---___

Finally it was recess,i gather my books,pen's and notes to my bag and rush out of the door. As i pass by the halls,i could hear silent murmurs from the so called popular girls. I could hear what they say,i can clearly hear them,it was obvious that their whispering skills are
needing some help.

"ugh,look at her,how can Allistor even like her..?" I heard Kyla whisper to her friends.

"I know right. I mean,just look at her,like..ew" I heard Aina's replay,making a fake shiver of disgust.

"Oh look,their she is now" I heard Nicole's voice last followed by steps of their heels and giggles. I quicken my phase for the cafeteria,which
they noticed and quicken their phase as well. I then felt a hand grabbing my shoulder and being pushed at the lockers,grounding from the
pain that had occurred in my head.

"And where do you think your going Missy?" Kyla pushed me even harder at the cold metal and turning me around to be face to face with them. My frightened expression making them smirk but not yet satisfied,yet. Aina slaps me at my right cheek making a painful sound echo
around,Nicole pulls my hair and almost ripping it out of my scalp,Kyla then punched me in the gut making me couch a drop of crimson liquid
at my lips. They continued this until i can no longer move myself,dropping me on the floor and giving a hard kick at my sides. Grounding
from the pain and making an 'ugh' sound escape my lips.

"Let this be a warning ____,if you ever tell this to anyone including Allistor,we will kill you!" I could hear their laughs and turning their heels
to leave and almost getting myself unconscious when suddenly...

"____! where are ye lass?! ____!!" I immediately knew whose voice was that but after a few seconds everything turned black.

The last thing that i heard was "Ye going to be fine lass! i promise!"

_---___----Time skip again~----__---___

I woke up,seeing i white ceiling above, I slowly turned my head to the side to Allistor sleeping on the chair. Getting up again at trying to figure out where i am and it finally clicked to me that i was in the Hospital,i heard Allistor grumble something that i didn't quiet catch and
slowly woke up. He jumps up from the chair and run's to me,giving me a very tight bear hug which i returned back,after that he looks into
my [e/c] eyes, observing every inch of my face which was filled with bruises.

"Are ye okay now?" I could sense the concern tone in his voice,since i couldn't replay straight because of my coughing earlier, i just give
him a small nod. He sighs of relief and put's his big hands to my cheeks,causing both of us to blush,putting my cold hands to his ones and
closing my eyes,cherishing this moment,sounds really cliché huh? that's just really how it is.

"____,i know that we just met but...i think..i you.." He stares deeply into my eyes,i could see the anxiousness,worry and hope in
his eyes. I smiled a little and leaned to give him kiss on the cheek and rest my head to his broad chest, Having a huge blush on my face for
my actions but smiling as well

"I take that you like me too aye lass..?" He rest his chin on my head and wraps his arms around me,i nodded in response and hummed a soft

"I love ye,____...don't ye ever forget that.."

"I love you too Allistor,and i swear i won't forget.." He let's out a small chuckle and hums also.


....What is this?i don't even..
well i feel weird again,and this is my first time making Scotland!! so i am sorry if i failed you!!! and wasted your time reading this crap....!! :icondepressedplz: i haven't been making much stories because i got really busy for some preparations...

Anyways,this is a request for my friend :iconnatalia-jones:

And you already know the disclaimer..yata yata...
Scotland owns you :iconsexyscotlandplz:
Kyla,Aina and Nicole are just made up names but if your name is one of them,i'm sorry. Though kyla is reall,she's from my school and no she doesn't really bully anyone but is really mean
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Cute!!!!! Now make a part 2
BlueLight01 Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
AWWWWWW! I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Is there going to be more?
OMG OMG OMG, Jossy!!! OMG!! Nobody ever slap and kick me that hard, because i always fight them back~ But this is good! OMG! Kyla was just like Cindy! I love it~~!!! Let me hug you atashi no tomodachi! *le hug*
souleaternomnnomnom Dec 21, 2012  Student General Artist
This is really good! I love Scotland...~<3
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