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Join the Rejects
I'm that average person that you see walking alone down the halls
I always kept my head down cause 'they' like to stand tall
They crush your spirit and make you feel less than human
Sometimes, I just want someone to talk to so they would understand
I always get left out, always get picked last.
Cause no one wants a reject, no one wants an outcast.
'They' think I'm boring and a human freak 
'They' see me as a puppet, a puppet with no strings.
But I realized I'm not alone, everything was just a show
I see them everywhere around me and they're broken like me 
I told them I have a band that they might like to be in
It's a great place, I promise you and you won't be misplaced
We're called the Rejects and we want you to join
It's free and everyone is welcome, do you see my point?
You won't be left and you won't be mistreated
'Cause everyone of us just wants to gain back our spirit.
:iconvoseph:voseph 1 0
Gotta Be You
Girl i see it in your eyes you're disappointed
Cause I'm the foolish one that you anointed with you're heart
I tore it apart
And girl what a mess i made upon you're innocence
And no women deserve this but here i am asking you for one chance
Can we fall one more time?
Stop the tape and rewind 
oh and if you walk away 
I know I'll fade
'Cause their is nobody else
It's gotta be you
Only you
It's got to be you
Only you
Now, girl, i hear it in you're voice and how it trembles
When you speak to me i don't resemble who i was
You've almost had enough
And you're actions speak louder than words
And you're about to break from all you've heard
Don't be scared, I ain't going nowhere
I'll be here by you're side
No more fears, no more cryin'
But if you walk away
I know I'll fade
'Cause there is nobody else
It's gotta be you
Only you
It's got to be you
Only you
Oh girl, can we try one more,one more time?
One more,one more, can we try?
One more time
I'll make it all better
One more,one more,
:iconvoseph:voseph 1 0
Male!Taiwan x Reader x Hong kong Part 4(End)

"oh,really?,who?"...That question repeated in your mind. Having no idea how to say it, thinking that they or one of them might reject you to
bits. Looking down in attempt to hide the dust of pink on your cheeks,you shakily answered in a tuned down voice.
"U-umm....It's uhh..the both" You held your breath in, waiting for their blow of response. You couldn't take it, your heart sped up
from your chest,afraid to be rejected. They looked at you in a dumbfounded way, a creeping blush showing on their cheeks. They couldn't
believe at what you just said.
"R-really ____..?" Kai seemed surprise due to the fact of the sound of his response.
"Y-you like b-both of us..?" Kaoru'
:iconvoseph:voseph 18 11
Pewds is not amused XD by voseph Pewds is not amused XD :iconvoseph:voseph 13 1
Call Me Maybe~ (One-shot)
==England x Reader==
Giving a relief sigh to yourself,it was finally the end of the period. Packing all of your things to your bag as fast as the speed of light, Thanking in your mind that today was Friday. Getting to the door and accidentally bumping into a few students,you hurriedly went to your locker.
Putting in the combination,you pulled it open,but won't budge. And still won't open. Giving a big bang to the locker with the use of your
shoulder,cursing to yourself on how it hurts a lot.
After putting of your things inside and out,you went to do a few walks in the school. Getting greets from other students that you know, asking you if you want to hang out with them,but you declined. Opening your phone and seeing almost so many messages in it, 'Thank god
the vibration was off and it was on silent or i would've been in trouble,big time.' You thought to yourself,and start digging to your messages. Mostly from your friends,fake friends,BFF's and some text Advertisements that were just
:iconvoseph:voseph 13 3
Flowing stream by voseph Flowing stream :iconvoseph:voseph 1 0
Scotland x Reader I promise..
I promise..
I sighed,getting all of my things for school. Truth is,i hated school,not because of the teachers or anything. It was the constant bullying that i had to deal with everyday day,I'm not weak or anything really,i just didn't want to get in trouble. I try my hardest too keep my reputation clean and secure. After packing up my things,i bid my mother farewell and went to the bus stop. As i walked to the street,i saw a red-headed man smoking and wearing the school uniform of my school. I can tell that this particular man is the popular student of my school and how many girls would swoon over him every time he passes by,except for me. And who is this person that you may ask? this
person is none other than Allistor Kirkland.
To me,i find him very rebellious and horrible. He would drink a lot and flirt to every girl that he see that would get his eyes on and that
disgust me. Moving my phase a little bit faster so that he won't notice me and hurts me.
He noticed me and
:iconvoseph:voseph 98 7
America x Reader No longer here..
No longer here..
Was the only thing that i can hear,cold surroundings,white everywhere. I look at her with dull eyes,filled with sadness and loneliness.
I took her warm hand to both of my hands,and caressed them softly with my thumb. I had my head down,i placed her warm hand to my tear-stained cheek. How could this happen? Why wasn't i their for her? How could i let her get into this state?, those questions keep swirling in my mind.  
The only girl that i ever loved..almost losing her precious life,my dear sweet angel..[Name].., Stupid drunk. That stupid man..crashed over her when she was just about to come in our 5th anniversary,the man was now in prison. I looked at [Name] again,her once cheerful and
alive eyes..shut,her pink and beautiful into a frown,her soft was covered with bandages and pale due to blood lost.
A tear escaped my eyes and landed on her hand,i had been crying for 3 days after the incident.
I slowly looked down at my
:iconvoseph:voseph 26 1
Doodle thing XD by voseph Doodle thing XD :iconvoseph:voseph 0 0 Fem!France by voseph Fem!France :iconvoseph:voseph 0 0
Just Try..
England x Reader

Just Try..
You we're with your close friends,Elizaveta and Lili. Having a girls bonding is what you needed since you always seem to be with your
Boyfriend all the time and Lili thought that you three might need some get together like back then. The three of you did some shopping and
play games like air hockey and winning stuff animals in a crane,now the three of you we're tired and decided to go to the little smoothie shop where you guys always go back in your fresh men year of High school,the three of you each ordered their favorites and seated by
the window of the shop.
"So,are you having fun ____?" You looked up from your smoothie to see Lili smiling at you along with Elizaveta.
"Yeah,this was a great idea Lili. We should really do this more often huh" You answered her question with glee,you did miss doing this with
them. She gives you a wide smile and nodded in agreement and went back to her beverage.
You heard your phone ringing and t
:iconvoseph:voseph 23 7
M!Philippines x Reader Getting ready for Christmas
Getting ready for Christmas~
You visited your Filipino Friend to help him out in putting some Christmas decorations. You we're kinda curious as to why he would
put decorations so early in November, As you came to a stop at his big house that was 2 story house.
You saw him gather a few boxes of Christmas decors.
"Hey Juan!" You walked up to him while waving your hand
"Oh _____,magandang umaga[1]" He gave you a very warm smile that made your heart melt while he spoke in his native language.
"You sure are getting ready for Christmas"
"Yup,Hey can you get that box for me?,It's not really that heavy actually" He points to a box that was next to his long blue comfy couch.
"Sure" You smiled at him s you went inside to get the box
"No prob" You carried the box,being curious,you opened the left cover of the box and to see Christmas lights
"You can just set them over their" He slightly curves his lips to direct you where[3]. You set them down and looked at the other boxes.
:iconvoseph:voseph 46 29
Dreaming by voseph Dreaming :iconvoseph:voseph 0 0
Facts/Truth about me 2
Yep! another one
I would sometimes talk to myself all the time and not even know why..
i would try to stop myself for talking to myself but it seems my habit doesn't want to go away
And if you see my mouth moving in a talking way and that no one is their,it means that I'm talking to public
:iconvoseph:voseph 0 0
Facts/Truth about me 1
Okay,this is just a fact about me,okay?
I have a very horrible temper and don't really control it easily and i get angry even for just the simplest thing
(..I once made someone cry.. :| ) if i were you,i wouldn't try to make me angry or wouldn't want some bruise on you,right?
Anyways,i can also be kinda stubborn also and tend to whine at times but not all the time!!
Also,their will also be more :)
:iconvoseph:voseph 0 0
When going down stairs... by voseph When going down stairs... :iconvoseph:voseph 0 0
Feel free to browse my gallery anytime :)


Stray Cat!ScotlandxReader - Warmth
"For once in my life..." he mumbled to himself as he slumped in the shadows of the cold alleyway, scraping his fingers along the beer bottles next to him, " could be my family...please..." And with that the red-haired man passed out on the snow-covered asphalt; the fiery glow from his eyes disappearing.
~~To the morning~~
"God dammit, it's freezing!" You say to yourself, clutching at your warm winter coat, "Even in this coat..." You breathe out, fog coming out of your mouth, "I hate winter..."
As you continue to walk through the silent street, you hear a sudden growl from the alleyway. You stop walking to peek at the empty alleyway to only find garbage bins and bags filling it up. Shrugging, you continue to walk one step before hearing another growl from the alleyway. Curiously, you turn to walk through the alleyway; trying to investigate the mystery sound that lurked in the alleyway.
Finally, you move a bin away from its original position to find a stray cat p
:iconpopstarchoc:PopstarChoc 624 128
Hetalia Seiyuu x Reader - Atsushi Kousaka
Author's Note or whatever it's called~
This will be a Hetalia Seiyuu x Reader story. So the said seiyuu will be likely to act as the characters he/she voices. Yey. Prussia's Seiyuu x Reader aka Atsushi Kousaka x Reader
Just in case you dunno, Atsushi Kousaka voices -
Prussia, Estonia, and Greece
I dunno how to write this so uh...just imagine being halfly in the Hetalia world and halfly in the real world... yeah. Though, it's sorta confusing. For you to know of their seiyuus and you actually knowing the characters in this world. I'll explain later.
This is for your Hetalia Seiyuu fangirl needs.

There was something...sort of "off" with Prussia's personality. He still acted the same yet he seems to be sort of...not like himself. You could say the same with your other friends as well... then you noticed even more as well. You saw Estonia and Greece acting kind of off as well. To put in a way, Prussia, Estonia, and
:iconskywarriorkirby:SkyWarriorKirby 79 76
Summer Thing Sim Date by SodaCat17 Summer Thing Sim Date :iconsodacat17:SodaCat17 1,732 1,204
Mature content
AlliesxReaderxMale!Reader:A Dream Within A Dream 4 :icontheawesomeone888:TheAwesomeOne888 12 16
2p!Prussia x rockstar!reader-lets NOT die!(ch.2)
~Skip to back stage!~
You and your band were taking pictures for and with fans.
"S-she so beautiful", Gilbert mumbled to himself.
"Oh. So you have a little crush on the lead singer?", Francis questioned him and poked his arm.
Gilbert tried his best not to let blush slip onto his pale skin at the comment as he continued to watch you. You put two fingers to your temple and stuck your tongue out for your next picture. Then shot your middle finger to the next. Nancy made you change your pose though.
"Come on Gilbert", Antonio called to him and began dragging him.
"F-for what?"
"We're gonna get a picture!"
"W-what?! N-no! Stop! Stop!", he tried to break his friends grip on his wrist, unsuccessfully.
"Oh come on. You're doing nothing but staring. Might as well take a picture you can stare at forever", Francis added and grabbed Gilbert's other hand.
"Nein!Nein! I rather just stare!"
"You should stop struggling before she hears you~!", Antonio warned him. "Excuse me, chica!"
You turn to face t
:iconeriko-neko:eriko-neko 75 54
Mature content
Teacher!England x Student!Reader - Smile For Me :iconimwiththeunicorn:ImWiththeUnicorn 374 154
Male!BelarusxReader - Express Your Stalker Side 13
“Finished!” you finally finished your task and it was 11pm at night. It was actually a hard task to provide enough detail into imagining the person you wrote about. It was time for you to go to sleep seeing as your fingers were tired, your eyes couldn’t stay opened for any longer and your brain was close to shutting down.
-Nikolai’s POV-
She just fell asleep after finishing what she was typing. It was really tempting to go in through her window and read what she wrote but if I had gone in and disturbed her sleep, I’d never forgive myself. So instead, I still broke in via her window and positioned her properly on her bed and pulled her blankets over her. Although it was weird of me to do this, I pecked at her forehead before looking at her laptop.
She mumbled making me jump a bit in my spot. I stare at her laptop but deciding to not snoop; I put her laptop screen down and exit.
-Your POV-
You yawn as you slump in your seat while the teacher started to expla
:iconpopstarchoc:PopstarChoc 214 81
Male!BelarusxReader - Express Your Stalker Side 1
Male!Belarus x Reader
It was another normal day in your high school life as you walked to school in the morning with your best friend; Ivan. He was older than you, not to mention, really creepy but then again, who in this world is normal? Unlike other people, you were used to his weird personality. But what bothered you every time you’re with Ivan was that…you can feel a stare burning into your back. One day, you decided to confront Ivan about that.
“What did you want to talk about, [Name]?” Ivan asked as he smiled innocently at you.
“W-well… It’s probably just my imagination but,” as you said this, you heard the Russian man gulp, “I feel this cold stare whenever I’m with you.”
Ivan then grabbed onto your shoulders and said, “P-please don’t leave me!”
“W-well! I used to have other friends, da?” You nod as he continues his story, “But they left b-because of…&
:iconpopstarchoc:PopstarChoc 224 20
America x Reader - I Promise
"It's over." the sandy blond man said bluntly.
"W-what?" you asked as tears begun to form in the corners of your big (e/c) eyes. You two were happily eating dinner at your apartment.
The American pushed up his glasses that had become askew. "I'm just not into you anymore," he rose from his chair and headed for the door. "to be honest, I never really was into you." and with those final heart crushing words, he left.
You and the American boy named Alfred have been dating for the past 2 years. Things have always gone so great! You loved him and he loved you. Or so you thought.
Now you sit in your chair. Too stunned to move or feel the hot tears running down your cheeks. What did you do? What happened to cause this?
Thousands of questions raced through your mind. You stood up and stumbled to your bedroom, flopped on the bed and cried your eyes out.
----Alfred P.O.V-----
I closed _______'s door behind me and sank to the floor. I can't believe I actually broke up with her! Just because every
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 659 226
maaf 218 by dinosaurusgede maaf 218 :icondinosaurusgede:dinosaurusgede 208 64 VandettA Cosplay - Cim Collage by KiGiMiTo VandettA Cosplay - Cim Collage :iconkigimito:KiGiMiTo 44 3
Austria x Reader part 2
Austria x Reader
Part 2
You woke up the next morning and found your self in unfamiliar soundings you then remembered everything that happened the day before and smiled you hopped out of your new bed wondering, where Austria was when you smelled something that made your stomach growl. You had then remembered you hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. You made your way though the unfamiliar hallways just by following the smell and you found yourself in a beautifully decorated kitchen Austria was standing by the stove cooking. You walked in nervously but he had obviously heard you because he turned around
"Guten Morgen Miss (Name)" he said you were still very sleepy so you mistakenly said good morning in you native language when he looked at you a little confused you immediately realized your mistake.
"I mean Guten Morgen I'm sorry!" you said bracing your self out of instinct
"No need to be sorry I assume that's the language you were born and raised with." he said going back to cooking
:iconspiritotter:Spiritotter 109 39
Austria X Reader Part 1
Austria x Reader
Part one
You were a country captured by Prussia, and became his maid, and you hated it for several reasons, One you were not aloud to speak in your native tongue, and he'd punish you anytime he caught you speaking it, two his punishments were harsh, not to Russia's standards but still very harsh, three you had to put up with his Attitude saying he was the most awesome man in the world and if you didn't agree he would punish you for that as well
The only thing that aloud you to stand it were the songs passed down from your mother that you would constantly sing and hum to yourself; with out your music you would go insane. One day Prussia had caught you speaking in your native language yet again
"(Name) what have I said about that Huh?" Prussia said grabbing your arm, you prepared yourself to get slapped, but it never came. You looked up at the Prussian, curious to why he wasn't punishing you
"Since you can't get it through you head not to speak in that language I have a
:iconspiritotter:Spiritotter 192 26
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After being a member here for 4 years, I think it's about time a clean up. I Literally cringed at EVERYTHING I submitted here and all of them are embarrassing as fuck. Looking back to the things I submitted here when I was 12 made me feel like I wanna erase myself from the face of the earth.

Then I looking at the content in my gallery just made me feel weird. Now that I'm mature enough to actually understand my actions, I'll be better now. I'll have good content and not be a retard. Yeah, That's it. 


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Artist | Student | Literature
I can't really explain who I am cause I don't know myself. But I like anime, bands and sports, that's basically the only thing I wanna say.


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